Our Terms & Conditions


Our delivery charge for groceries is a % of the total shown on your receipt paid to the supermarket (including their delivery charge and before deduction of loyalty/discount vouchers). We DO NOT charge delivery on any promotions – ie 2 for 1, multi buys, half price etc – these offers are for you to take advantage of and keep your costs down.

If a supermarket offers items to you free of charge (excluding the above-mentioned promotions), we reserve the right to apply our delivery charge because we are physically transporting those goods on your behalf.

All grocery delivery charges are plus UK VAT at the current rate.

Our minimum charge*^ is £20.00.

Our rates vary depending on the chilled content of your order.

Chilled content* 20% or less = 20% delivery charge

Chilled content* 21% – 50% = 30% delivery charge

Chilled content* 51% or more – delivery charge is equal to the chilled %. ie 51% chilled content* = 51% delivery charge, 52% chilled content* = 52% delivery charge, 53% chilled content* = 53% delivery charge and so on.

*we take into account any items that were not available for delivery from the supermarket.

^we normally waive this if there are enough other shoppers at any one pick up point

We offer a home delivery service. Please ask for a quote – this is a one-off price in addition to the normal delivery charge as above.


Minimum charge £3.75/small jiffy and £6.00/parcels. We use a volumetric weight calculation. Please give us the packaged size and weight for a quote.

We will keep parcels for up to 4 weeks from the date you have been notified of their arrival with us, unless agreed otherwise. After this time, we reserve the right to dispose of them to cover storage costs.

Paint, Stains, Varnishes and Solvents

Whichever is the greater of a) £2.00 per litre or b) 24% of the purchase price. Minimum charge £6. Many suppliers offer home delivery but we can also arrange to collect from the Poole/Bournemouth conurbation, see our Personal Shop service detailed below.

Multi Finish Plaster,Bonding etc

The delivery to your chosen pick up point (as per our delivery schedule) is £10.00 plus UK VAT per 25kg sack plus the cost of the plaster at B&Q as per their website. We pick plaster etc up from B&Q, Fleetsbridge.

For large orders we require payment in advance. Please ask for a quote for home delivery.

Personal shop

We are more than happy to pick goods up from suppliers in the Poole/Bournemouth conurbation, that do not offer home delivery, for instance Ebay purchases.

The minimum delivery charge to your chosen pick up point (as per our delivery schedule) is £20.00.

For instance, if the item we are picking up would have attracted an £8.00 delivery charge from our UK depot to France, the total delivery price will be £20.00.

If you would like goods picked up from further afield, please ask for a quote.

Palleted Goods & Large Parcels

We normally remove your goods from the pallet to save space/weight on our van and therefore hopefully reduce your costs. However, there is a £10 charge per pallet disposal fee as it is commercial waste.

We reserve the right to unpack large parcels that are too heavy/large for a one man lift.


Payment is due on delivery. Bank transfer is our preferred method, sterling or euro and must be in our account before you pick up your goods. We also accept cash or cheques (payable to Blightyshop Ltd) in either sterling or euro. Our bank details are available on request.

We are unable to accept credit or debit cards at the present time.

And finally

Remember to look for online deals that many suppliers offer throughout the year – these savings can easily offset our delivery charge!

Updated 07/01/2020