How it works….


…. very simply

1) Register here. We send you your Member’s password so you can then…………
2) Book a delivery slot – choosing your preferred pick up location & date – full list of pick-up locations and delivery dates
3) Register with the supermarkets of your choice from the following – Tesco, Waitrose Morrisons or Ocado.
4) Place your supermarket order.
5) Send a copy of your supermarket e-mail order confirmation to us 48 hours before delivery to us.
6) Your groceries (+ toiletries, homewares that are delivered with your groceries) are delivered to our UK Depot.
7) The following day, we deliver your groceries to your chosen pick up location in France.

…. and easy to follow full details

1) First register with us. Choose a pick-up location – full list of pick-up locations. If your preferred location is not on the list, please send a message to– we try to add new locations wherever possible. Once registered with us, we then send you your Member’s password.

2) Using your member’s password, book a delivery slot before you shop. Choose your pick-up location and delivery date. Then, all we need to know at this stage is the approximate value of your shopping to ensure we reserve enough space on the delivery van for you, as it can get very full.

Of course, you can order as much as you like and from multiple suppliers, if you wish.

3) Register with your preferred supermarket from the following list – Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado or Morrisons, using your name and e-mail address and OUR address and telephone number.

4) Then simply, place your order with the supermarket taking advantage of the promotions and price promises, and, of course, paying in sterling.

What can I order? We accept any food orders (+ toiletries, homewares) that can be delivered to our UK address, including perishables – ie bread, fruit etc. Chilled goods up to 20% of your total order value (ie the total you pay the supermarket). If your chilled is more than 20% of the total value of your order, you should refer to our charges. Unfortunately at this time we cannot transport frozen goods.

5) Forward a copy of your supermarket e-mail order confirmation to 48 hours in advance of delivery to Wareham. This confirms the delivery slot and provides us with the information we need to manage your delivery.

6) Your groceries will be delivered to our UK depot and the next day we deliver them to you at your chosen pick-up location in France.

On the day of delivery to us we send you a copy of our delivery charge. If you shop with Waitrose, Ocado or Morrisions they forward you an e-receipt. If you shop with Tesco, we scan a copy of the receipt and send it to you. Provisional pick up times are put on our website, and then on delivery day to France, we update our website giving a much firmer time. You should keep an eye on our website in case of weather, traffic, or any other delay. We strive to keep you informed at all times and don’t want you wasting your time waiting around for us.

7) And finally, remember, the big benefit to you is that you pay the stores direct online in sterling thus avoiding exchange rate fluctuations AND you can take advantage of all the promotions and price promises. We accept payment in sterling or euro – whatever is easiest for you – see our charges for full details.

Blightyshop – helping you save money every day!

Non-food shopping

If you want us to deliver non-food shopping – furniture, beds, fitted kitchens, bathroom suites, domestic appliances, floor coverings, car parts, tyres, eBay purchases, and all other parcels, packages and the like, the process is as simple.

Our customers regularly buy from Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, B & Q, DFS, eBay, Argos, Homebase, Ikea, Victoria Plumb Bathrooms, Dunelm Mill, and many, many others. The choice is endless – and it’s yours!

E-mail for a quote. If you would like a quote for a door-to door delivery service, please state this when contacting us.

Once you have accepted our quote, confirm with Place an order with your chosen supplier ensuring it is marked with your name and using our address and phone number. Do not use our names or Blightyshop on the order.

Once you’ve completed your order, please send the e-mail confirmation that you receive from the supplier to This gives us the information we need to manage your delivery.

When your items arrive at our depot, we will notify you and give you a proposed onward delivery date.

Blightyshop – helping you save money every day!

Paint, stains & varnishes

Send a message to and have your goods delivered to our UK depot for onward delivery. Please see our charges.

Personal shop

A good number of shops are not yet able to offer a home delivery service, especially to a third party, so please email with your requirements, including product code and quantity, and we will arrange to get it for you. Please see our charges.