FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I find your phone number?
In all the years we have been trading we have never needed to have a phone number – there is nothing that cannot be dealt with via e-mail.

In addition, we don’t ‘man’ a landline in either the UK or France thus helping to keep our and therefore your costs down. We are often driving so it is not always easy to speak on a mobile (albeit hands free), and signal in rural France can be limited. E-mails are usually answered very quickly.

Once you have registered on our website you will receive a UK mobile number. This is ONLY for the use of delivery companies to send us text updates for deliveries.

Once you have dealt with us, I’m sure you’ll agree it is very simple and works well for everybody.

Which supermarkets can I order from?
Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado and Morrisons.

How do I know which store address to choose?
You don’t need to, once you register with the supermarket using our address for delivery, the supermarket website automatically places your order through the store local to us.

What time will you be at my pick-up point?
This depends on various factors such as the ferry being on time, the weather and traffic conditions, customers ‘up the line’ being on time to name a few.

The evening before delivery to France our route with ETA’s are uploaded. These are updated as we drive down through France and normally don’t change once we are within an hour of your pick up point.

Why can’t I find your address on your website?
We used to have our address on the website but from time to time a parcel would arrive and we knew nothing about it. Now we need our customers to register so we have a name, phone number and address in order to ensure safe onward delivery of all parcels.

What food can I order?
We can transport almost all food including perishable (bread, fruit, veg etc). You can buy chilled goods (meat, cheese etc) but unfortunately we cannot deliver frozen goods at this time.

How do I calculate my 20% chilled?
The 20% is based on the total value of your shop. ie if you pay the supermarket £100 (not the total of your shop but the amount after discounts) you can have £20 chilled and £80 other food/products.

Can I order from more than one shop?
Yes, as many as you like. If you have more than one grocery shop the totals are added together for the chilled content.

How much can I order?
The only limit is the size of our delivery van but it is 15m3 so a lot of shopping will fit in.

What is your minimum order value for groceries?
For groceries we have no minimum order value but we do have a minimum charge of £20 plus VAT. Don’t forget that most supermarkets do charge a delivery fee and some have a minimum basket charge.

When do I pay for my delivery?
You pay the supermarket/retailer for the goods as you order them, you then pay our delivery charge to our driver at the point of delivery. We also accept bank transfers payable in advance.

How do I pay?
We accept the following terms of payment:
· Cash (Sterling or €uro)
· Cheques (Sterling or €uro)
· UK online bank transfer (please contact us in advance for details)

Sorry, but credit & debit cards and Paypal are not accepted at this time.

See our charges for more information and exchange rates.

Can you deliver when I buy from eBay/Amazon?
We are happy to deliver your non grocery items from any supplier (Amazon, B&Q, Screwfix, Argos, eBay, John Lewis etc) provided they are safely packaged and delivered to us on time – ie by Friday of the week before delivery.

Will you deliver direct to my house?
Yes, we offer a door to door (D2D) service – just contact us for a quote.

Will you pick a motorbike up from a shop that I have ordered?
Yes, of course, contact us for a quote. In fact, not only a motorbike but many other things too.

My chosen retailer won’t deliver, what can you do for me?
We offer a personal shopper service – see our charges for more information.

I can’t see a pick-up point convenient for me. Will you come to my town?
We are always adding to our list of pick-up locations
contact us and let us know where you are – if we can we will come to your town.

Can I send items back to the UK via your delivery vans?
We are happy to transport goods to the UK, either to our depot for collection or we can offer delivery to any UK address. Just contact us for a quote.

How do I go about ordering paint?
Many suppliers won’t deliver so we can collect your paint order for you. Just contact us with details and we will give you a quote. If your chosen supplier will deliver to us (for example Brewers) just let us know beforehand so we can manage your delivery.

What should I do if my question hasn’t been answered here?
Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.