Pick up points

Here’s a list of all the places we currently deliver to…

Contact us at karen@blightyshop.com if you would like us to deliver to a new location – we will do it if we can.

TownPick-up point details
Alencon (61)Leave Alencon on the D438, at the McDonalds roundabout turn left and just past Brico Depot there is a layby, which is the pick-up point. SatNav / GPS N 48°24' 13.10" E 0°05' 35.75"
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Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire (16)The pick up point is in the Bricomarche car park off the D731 Route d'Archiac. We stop by the car wash. SatNav / GPS N 45º 28’ 37.57” W 0º 9’ 47.01”
Beaumont Sur Sarthe (72)Super U car park.
Brux (86)There is a parking area at the end of the slip road off the N10, heading North, at the junction of the D98 to Brux. SatNav / GPS N 46° 15' 6.078" E 0° 10' 3.055"
Chantonnay (85)Leclerc car park - as you enter the car park from the Distri Centre end, we stop at the first lot of bays. Sat Nav / GPS N 46º 42’ 00.80" W 1º 03’ 06.90"
Cognac (16)Aire de Saint-Brice, Route de Nercillac D15 Sat Nav / GPS N 45º 41’ 14.29" W 0º 17’ 09.00"
Cuon (49)Car park at the junction of Rue du Soliel d'Or (D938) and Rue de la Lande Sat Nav / GPS N 47º 28’ 47.85" W 0º 06’ 03.18"
Ernee (53)Outside Distri Center Sat Nav / GPS N 48º 17’ 30.91" W 0º 55’ 35.64"
Gorron (53)Super U car park, by the car wash. Sat Nav / GPS N 48º 24’ 21.07" W 0º 48’ 26.36"
Gourville (16)Le Bourg aka Cafe de la Gare SatNav / GPS N 45º 49’ 52.01" W 0º 0' 55.27"
Jonzac (17)Bricomarché car park, at the far end away from the store. SatNav / GPS N 45º 26' 19.29" W 0º 27' 08.47"
Juvigne (53) The bar Les Relais des Voyageurs, 19 Pl Eglise SatNav / GPS N 48º 13' 46.62"’ W 1º 02' 11.32"
La Rochelle (17)Toys R Us car park at the Bureaucenter (blue building) end next to the N11 SatNav / GPS N 46° 10' 35.90" W1°06' 20.10"
Lassay les Chateaux (53)Intermarche Super car park. As you turn into the carpark, we stop on the right hand side. SatNav / GPS N 48°26' 40.30" W0° 28' 49.40"
Laval (53)But car park. (Next to Carrefour) SatNav / GPS N 48º 04’ 43.40" W 0º 47' 52.69"
Le Lude (72)The car park opposite Cafe du Nord SatNav / GPS N 47º 38' 51.56" E 0º 09' 11.06"
Le Mans (Ecommoy)Hyper U car park by the car wash. SatNav / GPS N 47º 50' 12.93" E 0º 15' 48.81"
Menigoute (79)The car park, down the road from the Mairies office, across from the corner of the cemetery. SatNav/GPS N 46º 29’ 50.44” W 0º 03' 24.60"
Mirambeau (17)Off the D137 there is a public swimming pool with car park (opposite Super U & Le Pain du Taillon SatNav/GPS N 45º 22’ 35.03” W 0º 34’ 10.51’
Niort South (Aiffres) (79)Aiffres Intermarché car park (far side of 'Drive', as you face the store to the left), just off the D611 at its junction with the D740 (Route d'Aiffres). SatNav /GPS N 46° 18' 9.92" W 0° 26' 14.62"
Parthenay (79)Lidl carpark - opposite side of the car park to the store. N149 Avenue Aristide Briand. SatNav / GPS N 46° 38' 50.3" W 0° 13' 05.6"
Pons (17)Leclerc supermarket car park at the junction of the D732 and the D137. We stop next to the hire vehicles by the fuel station. SatNav/GPS N 45° 34' 28.15" W 0° 33' 37.95"
Pons - Seugnac (17)5 Impasse de la Prairie, Seugnac 17800. SatNav/GPS N 45° 33' 02.51" W 0° 33' 10.77"
Rouillac (16)There is a Camping Car car park with recycling bins, opposite the Super U filling station. SatNav / GPS N 45º 46’ 35.57" W 0º 03' 36.22"
Ruffec (16)The car park of the Hotel L'Escargot, just off the slip road off the N10 junction with D26 Ruffec to Sauze-Vaussais. SatNav /GPS N 46° 02' 05.48" E 0° 10' 49.01"
Saintes (17)Mr Bricolage car park (Burocenter end) SatNav / GPS N 45º 45.233’ W 0º 39.395’
Saint-Jean-d'Angély (17)The "Covoiturage" car park just off the D150, Avenue Du Port Mahon, towards Saintes. SatNav /GPS N 45° 56' 24.410" W 0° 31' 17.315"
Saumur North (Le Fleuret) (49)There is a turning into the Chemin de L'Essart off the Rond Pont du Fleuret, on the D347. SatNav / GPS N 47º 17' 13.29" W 0º 02' 58.94"
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Thouars (79)There is a car wash, Palace Auto, on the D938 southbound out of Thouars. SatNav / GPS N 46° 57' 24.00" W 0° 12' 29.92"
Vivonne (86)The car park of the car wash opposite the Aldi car park just off the N10 (western side). SatNav / GPS N 46° 25' 15.2" E 0° 14' 57.1"